miles to go before i sleep (cardcaptur) wrote in chicicontest,
miles to go before i sleep

banners: ch #22 & ch #23


  • challenge #24 - results

    1st: [Unknown LJ tag] 2nd: [Unknown LJ tag] 3rd: [Unknown LJ tag] MC: [Unknown LJ tag] I have many banners to catch up on! Hopefully this week since…

  • challenge #25 - Anthony Ward

    Deadline: December 27th, 5:00 PM (PST). - You may use only the images provided. - You may enter up to THREE (3) icons. - All effects are allowed,…

  • challenge #24 - vote

    - Vote for [3] icons. - Do not vote for yourself or get others to. - Voting ends on Sunday night. </div>

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